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Pitzl is a German manufacturer of timber construction connectors, with over 30 years of experience. The company constantly innovates in the areas of wood-wood, wood-concrete and wood-steel connections. From their range of products we are delighted to supply North America with post base connectors and structural dove-tail connectors.

Post Bases

Post base connectors

Dovetail & SVP

Dovetail and SVP connectors

Post Base Connectors

Pitzl Post Base connectors are coated with the patented ZiNip coating. Ever increasing environmental effects such as pollution require tougher, more durable corrosion protection for exposed steel connectors in timber construction. The ZiNip multi-layer coating ensures much longer protection than galvanized or hot-dip galvanized coatings.

post base connectors

We supply Heco-Topix self tapping fully threaded wood screws for use with these Post Bases: 10mm head, 120mm or 160mm length in either counter-sunk or flange heads. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Available Sizes


post base 10921

  • Height adjustable from 142mm to 207mm
  • Bearing Plate @ top (wood): 100mm x 6mm thick with 4 pre-drilled 12mm holes
  • Bearing Plate @ bottom (concrete/steel): 160mm x 100mm x 6mm thick with 4 pre-drilled 13mm holes
  • M24 all thread rod 65mm long @ top and bottom
  • Zinip coated
  • Vertical design capacity 62.3kN / 14,005 lb
  • Uplift design capacity 7.4kN / 1, 663 lb
dovetail connector

Dovetail Connectors (HVP)

Pitzl HVP connectors are 2-part structural dovetail connectors made of anodised aluminum for connections of joists to headers or columns. They cover a characteristic load-capacity from 2.2 to 615kN.

Just one example of how we’ve used these in the past few months has been in garden gazebos and pergolas. The boom in outdoor living and working from home during the pandemic led to a dramatic increase in requests for these outdoor spaces. They are great since no notches are required to connect beams to plates and the connector creates a space to allow rainwater to drain off and dry to avoid rotting.

End grain to end grain connections are permitted since both plates of the HVP connectors have the same number of screws and are for use in timber construction under dry indoor conditions. The protection from wood or wood based material on all sides means a Pitzl HVP connector can resist fire for up to 60 minutes.

dovetail example

HVP Connectors in Action

In the Radium Community Centre and Hall we used Pitzl HVP 88650 to avoid penetration of the building envelope and supporting the glulam plates at the overhangs.

radium community centre
Stair connector

Stair Connectors (SVP)

Pitzl SVP connectors have multiple applications for staircase construction. Elegant visual design and high load-carrying capacities provide a clean and functional connecting option for the precise and fast assembly of wooden stairs.

Get the details on Pitzl Connectors

View detailed product specifications here for Pitzl HVP Wood Connectors, HVP Heavy Duty Connectors and SVP stair tread connectors.