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Hanno supplies a wide range of solutions for sealing construction joints.

As energy prices continue to increase and with a building regulation drive to air tightness, we supply Hanno products from Germany to ensure air-tight window and door installation. Resistant to driving rain, long-term weathering and temperature stability from -30C to +100C these products really are proven.

Siga is a leader in the development, production, and distribution of products free of residential toxins for the air and wind-tight building envelope. SIGA-sealed buildings are characterised by low energy consumption and CO2 emission, high living comfort and durability.

We love Siga products.

They manufacture membranes and adhesive tapes for use in exterior and interior stud wall, mass wall, foundation and floor, window and door, open joint cladding and mass timber.

Download Siga's full manual for product application (7.3 Mb).



Majrex® 200

Siga Majrex 200A vapor control layer using Hygrobrid technology that establishes airtight layers on the warm side of thermal insulation to prevent moisture build up in wall cavities that can cause mold and rot and damage structure integrity. Dimensionally stable it can be laid quickly and without wrinkles. With a printed cutting and laying aid you save time installing. 164ft roll x 1.5m wide.

Majvest® 200
Majvest® 500 SA
Wetguard 200 SA

Siga Wetguard 200 in Action

We used the Siga Wetguard 200 permeable membrane to protect T&G panelling on top of rafters on this recent timberframe raising.

Adhesive Tapes

Fentrim tapes

Fentrim® Tapes

Fentrim® is a single-sided, robust and flexible high-performance adhesive tape for permanent secure sealing of component joints in solid and metal structures.

Fentrim IS 20

Fentrim IS 20 is a pre-folded adhesive tape for airtight interior connections between windows and doors and comes in 25m rolls of 75mm, 100mm and 150mm wide

Fentrim 230
Fentrim 430
Rissan Tapes

Rissan® Tapes

Rissan® is single-sided flexible adhesive tape for interior seam sealing and circular penetrations. Also available as single-sided, supple high-performance adhesive tape for permanent airtight bonding of vapor control layers.

Rissan 60

Rissan 60 is single-sided flexible adhesive tape for interior seam sealing and circular penetrations. With extremely strong adhesion and a smooth carrier material, it clings tightly around pipes and cables. Its elasticity keeps joints sealed despite structural movements. Comes in 25m roll, 60mm wide.

Rissan 100 & 150

Wigluv® Tapes

Wigluv® is single-sided, diffusible and rainproof high-performance adhesive tape for permanent windtight bonding of component layers outdoors.

Wigluv 20/40

Wigluv® 20/40 is a diffusible, single-sided and strongly adhesive tape especially suitable for connection to window and door frames where windtight layers are to be connected. In 20mm or 40mm wide slit and tearproof backing strips, it is precise and quick in corners, has high adhesive strength at high and low temperature and prevents condensation build up.

Wigluv 60
Wigluv 100, 150 & 230

Twinet® Tape

Twinet® double-sided adhesive tape allows for puncture free mounting of sheet membranes for fixing vapor control layers to structural substrates. With extremely strong adhesive on both sides it’s quick and safe to install with no stapler required. A protective coating prevents soiling and the tearproof backing strip saves you time. 50m of 20mm tape per roll.

Dockskin Primer

Dockskin® Primer

We also supply Dockskin® 100: A quick-drying, solvent-free primer that strengthens the bond between SIGA tapes and woodfibre boards, masonry, and concrete substrates.

Not sure which product is right for your build?

We can help! These products have been the staple of our building supplies for many years. Always feel free to contact us with questions.